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Your digital reputation and the Right to be Forgotten – An ECJ update with big implications

Court rulings are all the rage right now and are front and centre in the media and public eye. This week we saw the UK’s Supreme Court judge that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, illegally closed down Parliament with his prorogation of the House of Commons - and it was opened forthwith. Not to be [...]

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Europe 2 – Google 1? Right to be Forgotten, Online Reputation Management and Your Privacy

Full-time is still some way off (and of course the game could run to extra time and penalties) but as it stands one could argue that in the crunch digital match about privacy between Google and Europe the current score is 2 – 1, to the Europeans. Why? Because in the past couple of weeks [...]

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Fake News and What It Means to Your Digital Reputation

Unfortunately fake news isn’t new anymore, it’s been around for a few years and generally speaking there seems to be an acceptance that it is here to stay. The phrase started to make a digital appearance in 2015 and the tragedy of it is no one is really sure what they read, see or hear [...]

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Cyber security and online reputation management

Hacking and what it means to you Are you confident that you and your network are protected against hacking?  Are you fully up-to-speed on intrusion detection and how to deter network hacking? Online crime now makes up half of all crime recorded in the UK and a week doesn’t seem to go by without news [...]

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What do the Iceland palm oil advert and your online digital reputation have in common?

Unless you have been living in another dimension, over the past few days you will have heard about and possibly even seen Iceland’s Christmas advert, which has been banned (by Clearcast, the advertising regulatory body) for being ‘directed towards a political end’. So what’s all the fuss about? The advert is a reworked cartoon originally [...]

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Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and what it means for Online Reputation Management

Ai is such a broad and rapidly evolving subject at the moment and that’s what makes it all the more interesting when you link its growth and development to online and digital reputation management. First of all though it’s important to briefly look at Ai’s timeline and where we are today before assessing the impact [...]

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‘Right to be forgotten’ – What Happens Next?

The recent ruling by the European Courts that an individual has a ‘right to be forgotten’ on the internet has caused concern and euphoria in equal measures – depending on who you are. In essence what the ruling states is that if someone feels that a link on the World Wide Web, relating to them [...]

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Divorce, Your Reputation and Social Media

The impact social media has on our lives is increasing all the time and in ways some people just hadn’t considered when Facebook, and Instagram first appeared on the world wide web. Now, protecting one’s online reputation is more important than ever as the internet and its contents becomes more accessible and information is easier [...]

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‘Right to be forgotten’ – Winners and Losers

We have watched with fascination how developments over the EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ have unfolded since their recent ruling. Unless you have been living on another planet you will know that this concerns the case of a Spanish lawyer called Mario Gonzale who complained to the Spanish Data Protection Agency that Google had indexed pages [...]

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