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At Cullinan we understand that your online reputation and digital privacy are priceless. Like our namesake you can’t put a value on it.

Our highly experienced team of digital experts and strategists understand what it takes to help protect and mitigate the risks you might be faced with in the online space. We possess a wealth of knowledge working on highly sensitive and time-critical issues. If you need help with a one-off project or want a digital agency to support your reputational concerns over the long-term, we have the skills and expertise to ensure the correct strategy is chosen and implemented.

We don’t pretend to be everything to everyone and if we can’t help you we will be honest and say so. Trust and discretion are as important to us as they are to our clients: this is how we operate. We are always looking for the right strategy and most efficient way of delivering it. We believe that’s a potent combination because it allows us to focus on the task at hand and deliver the results you need.

What makes us different from our competitors are the bespoke solutions we create. Through a secure understanding of your objectives and wider digital concerns we are able to deliver superior results that will help protect you in the digital space.

The Cullinan team have represented business leaders, senior executives, politicians, celebrities, high profile personalities and their families across the UK and Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

What Is Digital Reputation Management?

It’s practically unheard of in this day and age for an individual or organisation not to have a presence on the internet. What you are being found for is absolutely vital to your online reputation and ensuring that your digital footprint is positive should be a responsibility you take seriously. Once something is on the web, it is on there forever.

If the content is negative or unhelpful the impact it can have on you and those people around you, especially family, friends or colleagues can prove to be extremely damaging. The negative fallout from a poor web presence can not only impact on you personally but it can also damage you financially and professionally.

Ensuring that your digital reputation is protected and enhanced is what good online reputation management is fundamentally about; what you are found for should be positive. Everyone reacts to a crisis differently, but in the digital space a problem can quickly escalate causing untold harm in ways that can last for a considerable time.

Threats, problems and issues can come from an array of sources and in today’s interconnected digital world no one is immune. At Cullinan Digital Reputation Management we will ensure your online profile is positive and ultimately presents you in the best possible light. If a crisis does occur we will help protect you by developing and delivering a bespoke digital strategy discretely and efficiently.

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Cullinan works across borders and throughout the online space delivering whenever and wherever our clients require us to. We do what it takes to deliver.


We work in collaboration with other professionals to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcomes and we are comfortable slotting into an organisation’s team structure to facilitate that.


We are the digital reputation management professionals who are trusted and called upon in times of urgency because of our capabilities, experience and ability to deliver.

Peter and his team have worked for several high-profile clients who had serious, digital reputational issues. What they delivered was nothing short of extraordinary; working under time and geographical pressure to deliver outstanding results across multiple digital platforms. Their levels of understanding, professionalism and capabilities mean they lead in their field. Cullinan are best in class. Highly recommended when a real world issue needs a digital reputational solution.

Charles Lankester. Executive VP, Global Reputation & Risk Management

Online reputation management is a niche and very specialist area and fortunately there are experts in this field who lead the way in resolving issues where many wouldn’t know where to begin. Peter and his team have the experience, ability and professionalism to deliver solutions to complex digital problems where reputational veracity is fundamental and can be damaging when they are being searched for on the web. I would not hesitate to commend without reservation Cullinan should you find yourself in need of their services.

Dr Harry Brunjes, Chairman of Premier Medical Group

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