Cyber Security

Are you confident that you and your network are protected against hacking? Are you fully up-to-speed on intrusion detection and how to deter network hacking?

Cyber security is fast becoming one of the most important and talked about subjects when online and digital reputation management is discussed. The plethora and seriousness of attacks that occur, both to an individual as well as a business, are frightening and the consequences can be extremely far reaching and worrying on many different levels.

If you are concerned about the possibility of being hacked then it is worth considering qualified professionals auditing your systems and putting in place safeguards and measures to protect you.


Cyber security presents a number of unique challenges and covers technologies, processes and measures that are designed to protect individuals and businesses from cybercrime. An effective cyber protocol reduces the danger of a cyber-attack through the deliberate corruption of systems, networks and technologies.

The team at Cullinan include Certified Ethical Hackers who are highly experienced cyber security analysts, expert at auditing a website or systems network to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious hacker. This could include private information or sensitive data about you or your business that in the wrong hands could cause immeasurable damage. We treat your digital security with the upmost seriousness because there is a probability that at some point you or your organisation will be hacked. It is therefore vital to take measures to protect your systems from being exploited by hackers.

Our managed security services team, who form the heart of our cyber protection business, will work with you to identify your requirements and help guide you through the IT auditing process and our bespoke security measures, designed to safeguard you and your systems.

Cullinan’s risk assessment audit forms a vital component in the process of identifying the weaknesses in your IT assets and systems as well as your online profile.  We would begin by defining the reach and scope of your cyber security audit requirements.  The next phase would involve listing all your IT assets and conducting a detailed threat assessment to identify the specific risks and vulnerabilities against each of those assets.

Our formal risk identification methodology ensures consistency and high-quality delivery for our clients, while our manual security testing allows us to be creative and to think like a hacker.  We offer several levels of scanning and enumeration, bespoke to each client, depending on your circumstances.

We provide concise, in-depth reports to clients in which we categorise the audit findings and recommend an appropriate risk management strategy to address solving the issues that have been identified.  Impact and probability values would also be assigned against your risk criteria.

Once the mitigation strategies have been assessed, the most appropriate solution would be implemented.  The mitigation strategy would then be evaluated to ensure it provided the expected results.  We would recommend that once the security controls and safeguards have been incorporated, the security of the information, IT assets and IT services must be maintained.


We work as a single united team with other professionals providing our clients with the highest quality digital strategy advice and guidance.