Put simply your online reputation is your image on the internet.

Very little, they are one and the same thing with both striving to achieve a positive result on your behalf.

Your reputation counts for a lot, if it is attacked the consequences can be severe, regardless of if you are an individual or a company. As the internet’s influence grows so does its impact to your online or digital reputation. Online and digital reputation management are fundamental in helping to establish, protect and restore your profile on the web.

Absolutely. Many individuals and companies, each with their own unique issues on the internet and each one requiring a bespoke solution to resolve matters, are looked after when faced with challenging situations on the web.

By auditing a digital footprint. Once it is established why an online profile appears the way it does a solution can be devised to improve it.

By combining many different digital skills with a laser like focus. Analysing data and being able to make informed decisions is crucial to its success, as is selecting the right strategy and delivery process.

That all depends on the project and lots of factors can affect it including what the content is and where it appears.

The rule of thumb is three months minimum, but that varies depending on what and where the content appears.

The full range of businesses and people from all walks of life. There isn’t one particular type of individual or company that benefits more than another.

Not that long. The world wide web is an early 1990’s invention and Google only launched in 1998. People really started to pay attention to the search engine results pages (SERPs) when they realised where they ‘ranked’ when being searched for.

DRM is focused exclusively in the online space the other is part of the public relations landscape.

That plays a small part in it but isn’t the solution behind an online crisis someone might be faced with.

Online reputation management is a niche area that requires knowledge of multiple digital disciplines. It is not a one person job that can be done over the space of a few weeks.

Yes, but it means the team representing you will need to speak the languages it appears in.


We work as a single united team with other professionals providing our clients with the highest quality digital strategy advice and guidance.