Digital Support for Individuals and Families

Individuals or families with considerable wealth or a high public profile have to be more careful than ever with their online reputations.  Over recent years we have seen very public falls from grace of celebrities, politicians, business leaders, sports personalities and household names with an inordinate amount of harm being inflicted to their digital footprint on the internet.

This damage can not only be embarrassing but can also have a financial impact. What you are being found for may also affect your family and friends who might be linked by the same online content. If you don’t take control of your name in the online space you can be certain someone else will and it might not be to your liking.

The team at Cullinan Digital Reputation Management have successfully represented many such cases and we know what it takes to resolve the problems. Regardless of where you are in the world, or however many languages the problem is occurring in, we can help and have the experience and track record to support you 24/7.

Services We Offer

It is vital that your name and the reputation that accompanies it is protected in the online space.  At Cullinan Digital Reputation Management our aim is to ensure that your name appears on page one of web searches in a positive light and presents you in the manner you expect to be found for.  To achieve this we will audit your profile and then devise a digital roadmap.

Many of the clients we have represented had been under pressure from different directions on the web including from media intrusion, family issues, smear campaigns and social media trolling.  Our 24/7 crisis support team can help guide you through difficult situations ensuring an outcome that both protects and enhances your name.

If you want your name better positioned on the web it is worth putting in place a digital strategy to ensure that happens.  The benefits of doing this are obvious, but in addition they will also help you in the event of a crisis or negative material appearing about you online.  We can help with the auditing, planning, strategy and end-to-end delivery to give you reassurance that your name is presented in the best possible light.

Ensuring you have the right digital platforms and assets which are secure for usage is vital to protecting your name and digital reputation.  We will not only advise which are the most appropriate, but also secure the relevant resources for you.  In the event of a crisis we will lock them down until a digital solution can be found.

Equipping you and your family with the tools to navigate safely through social media and get the best out of it is key to ensuring you are protected in the digital space.  We can offer guidance and training to ensure all family members, no matter how old, don’t fall foul of mistakes that could cause you long-term damage.


We work as a single united team with other professionals providing our clients with the highest quality digital strategy advice and guidance.