Straight forward online reputation management

You might wonder why our website is populated with photos and videos of trees? Well, not only do we like them for all their endearing features the phrase ‘not being able to see the forest for the trees’ is a mantra we work by digitally. Too many of our competitors either over or under simplify online reputation management and miss the big picture, failing to take into account the wider digital relevance an online situation can have for an individual or organisation. They get bogged down in tech speak and details – which whilst important are just part of the solution.

We want to positively manage your online reputation by altering the digital landscape and perceptions of it to your advantage. Ideally we would like to help you before a situation occurs, so that you have a digital profile in place that will help protect you, your brand or your business should anything untoward happen. Call it a digital insurance policy.

Digital and online analysis

We don’t do guesswork at Cullinan. Every project we undertake begins with an in-depth audit of your online footprint because we want to know what we’re faced with so that the data can be accurately interpreted and the right digital solution can be identified and implemented quickly and efficiently.

As well as delivering the best possible outcome we also pride ourselves on the service our clients receive – which in time of crisis means we are on call 24/7. Collaboration is the key to success and we nearly always work in partnership with other professionals who are striving for the same conclusion on your behalf. Because of this our bespoke solutions are specific to an individual’s requirements, and thanks to in-house developed proprietary software that is constantly being refined and updated, we are highly focused on delivering measurable ROI’s.

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We work as a single united team with other professionals providing our clients with the highest quality digital strategy advice and guidance.