Digital Legal Support

Digital Influence

We are well aware of how busy legal representatives are when instructed to take on a case, having to juggle a multitude of competing factors all of which are a priority and often against tight deadlines. As the internet has grown so has its influence and reach, providing digital and online opportunities that benefit lawyers and their clients.

How Can We Help?

The team at Cullinan is here to help take away some of the pressure. As experts in data analytics and online reputation management we have the ability to interpret and follow a digital thread, enabling us to determine its impact and reach in the online space. Our detailed reports provide tailored digital evidence that can help make the difference when building a legal case. Also knowing you have 24/7 support is a reassurance many of our competitors are unable to offer.

Delivering Results

We have worked alongside barristers and solicitors in dispute resolution, media, matrimonial and family law, helping them achieve favourable results for their clients.

All things legal

Where a dispute has arisen we can provide digital legal support to help you prepare background intelligence. Our forensic approach to what appears on the web allows you to focus on the big picture with the reassurance that the detail has been scrutinised by the team at Cullinan.

Our aim is to help you achieve the best result for your client. Our flexible approach, ability to cut through tech speak and commercial experience, combined with our discretion, we believe is a winning formula.

Specialist Legal Support

We provide digital support in dispute resolution cases when defamatory comments about an individual or organisation have been posted online. Paramount to achieving success typically involves capturing and preserving digital evidence before it is removed. To support these cases we are able to build bespoke proprietary software, unique to our clients and their requirements, which enables us to drill down into online searches.

We provide digital evidence reports which are capable of standing up to legal scrutiny in court. These reports determine the extent of digital damage and harm done to an individual’s online reputation as a result of content posted, shared or commented on in the online space.

This may be as a result of social media comment or online video content that damages your digital reputation. It could involve blog copy and be professionally as well as personally harmful to you, your colleagues or the organisation you represent. We will help to mitigate the online fallout and repercussions.

The proliferation of using digital assets to harm an individual or company are becoming common place. Whether they stem from leaked confidential information, employment issues or are personally damaging we are able to develop and implement an online reputation management programme to help.

We can support your legal advisors across a range of damaging issues which may include the spread of fake news, inaccurate media coverage, intrusion, breach of confidence and defamation. Each case will have a bespoke digital response to bring about a positive resolution.

The pain caused through divorce and family break up can be extreme. We are able to help protect your digital footprint and ensure any fallout is mitigated, for all sides, including your family.


We work as a single united team with other professionals providing our clients with the highest quality digital strategy advice and guidance.