The impact social media has on our lives is increasing all the time and in ways some people just hadn’t considered when Facebook, and Instagram first appeared on the world wide web. Now, protecting one’s online reputation is more important than ever as the internet and its contents becomes more accessible and information is easier to find.

Divorce and Facebook

In recent weeks press coverage has highlighted the impact social media platforms, and in particular Facebook, have on divorces – it is estimated that in about a third of contentious cases social media plays an important factor. How so? Well, for one it is upping the ante when individuals are caught showing off their hidden wealth by posting and inadvertently flaunting how much they are really worth through photos, videos and geo-location tracking – totally disputing their claims to financial penury when in court.

Couples going through divorce and those who have come out the other end are prone to keep an eye, either directly or through ‘friends’ who are connected to the ex’s, on their social media activity to build evidence that their claims are patently false.

Social Media and Legal Cases

With so many people using social media platforms it is hardly surprising that matrimonial and family lawyers see their contents as useful sources of material to help build an argument for their clients. The obvious thing is not to post at all, but that defeats the object of social media and for some people isn’t an option and even if an incriminating photo or comment has been posted deleting it might not be the answer either because a screenshot that shows the date and time will provide.

Just like Facebook digital reputation management is playing a much bigger role in people’s lives and at Cullinan we can help you navigate the social media minefield safely as well as help you build a positive online profile.